Monday, 4 January 2016

What is the scope of Indian restaurants in foreign countries?

Indians have reached every corner of the world, taking along with them the culture and the cuisine of India. It is but obvious that Indian restaurants are likely to open there. The Indian restaurants have a wide scope of growth in foreign countries. There is a noticeable rise in Indian Restaurants Al Ain in the past decade.

Indian restaurant availability in Al Ain
Many Indians or NRIs from India have become residents of UAE in the recent past. This causes an increase of Indian restaurants, markets, and much more. Al Ain is a beautiful oasis in the deserts of UAE. The thinly populated city has a majority of Indians living here. You can go online in search of Indian restaurants in and around Al Ain. Just type the key word – ‘Indian Restaurants Al Ain’ and get acquainted with numerous options of dine in and take away. There are many Indian restaurants that offer delectable delicacies to its guests.

Benefits of vegetarian Indian food
There are a lot of advantages or benefits of Indian food. The ingredients are easily found and at affordable ranges. Tough the Indian Restaurants Al Ain do not solely serve vegetarian food but they do have a long list of pure vegetarian delicacies for the vegetarians. Along with the taste you can also get healthy nutrients like green vegetables. It is a source of various proteins and vitamins that are essential for the body functioning.

Family restaurant
The family restaurants cater to a very different side of culinary experience. The flavors and spices are used distinctively in tune with the Indian recipes so that the Indians far away from home can enjoy the taste of India.  This is why it is recommended that you visit Bukhara Family Restaurant in Al Ain.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

The mystery behind the delicious Indian food

The Indian restaurant in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi is very famous for the exotic Indian cuisine that is prepared by the expert executive chefs. The combination of the aromatic spices rafts around the restaurant. Bukhara Restaurant is an Indian family restaurant which brings you the combination of authentic Indian dishes presented by the adventurous chefs.

The friendly staff and cooks cater to all the needs of the customers with a diligence for perfection. The hospitality that is provided by them is praise worthy.

What is the secret behind the cuisine?

Curry, Tikka, and Tandoori are most commonly used words when discussed about Indian food. But it is only the preview; the whole story lies in the big fat cookbook. The rich and diverse culture of India has evolved over many years. The invasions of rulers brought in their eating habits with them. The south Indians are fonder of sea food, chicken, pork and beef. Some important ingredients used in the south Indian cuisine are pepper, cumin, cinnamon, cloves and most importantly coconut. In the north Punjabi food dominates. This is where words like Tikka and Tandoori come in use. Dairy products like butter, lassi and desi ghee are the main gist of north Indian food.
One very important thing while cooking Indian food is that you must not mix two ingredients with similar flavors. What this does is overlap each other’s taste.

The warmth
To have a dining experience that you will never forget, visit this Indian restaurant in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. They will be very pleased to have you as guests and treat you the way Indians do in their country. Well you can only know about that when you visit this new and exciting city of Abu Dhabi. The class and Arabic culture of the city will entice you with its charm. If you get a craving for Indian food in Al Ain, then there is Bukhara Indian Restaurant waiting to welcome you with warmth. 

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Importance of Indian Restaurants Al Ain

People around the world are fond of Indian spices and pickles. India is an amazing place for Indian food but Al Ain is not far behind. Al Ain is home to many Indian restaurants. You get a range of modern to simple décors that depicts India’s cultural background. Indian restaurants Al Ain seem to have it all.
The tempting Indian food in Al Ain include Shahi Paneer, Baingan ka Bharta, Daal Makhani and many more lined up vegetarian dishes. Non-vegetarian dishes are Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka, and Kebabs etc.

The Indian Restaurants Al Ain brings with them the traditional décor and music Straight from India, with the cuisine that makes the dining experience more enjoyable. Most restaurants in Al Ain do not have a bar because of the country regulations but you order the exotic Mock tails and cool off some Arabic heat. In Al Ain eating out is the most important part of the city life and people are even more drawn towards the Indian food because of the spices and herbs. This shows how the city is promoting the multiculturalism of the tourists. 
 For all those who are planning to go to Al Ain from India any time soon, it is sure that you are not going to miss home at all and yet you have the opportunity to explore the place in it’s glory. Indian restaurants in any foreign land will keep you in touch with your roots but you should remember to also try the different cuisine, otherwise what’s the point of going for a trip when you don’t try their specific cuisines. But sometimes when you are in a mood to have Indian meal or if you are foreigner who wants to try Indian food in Al Ain; then Indian restaurants Al Ain is the easy way out.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Special Dishes to Entice Your Taste Buds at Indian Restaurants in Al Ain

Be it for recreational or the joy and fun of savoring various dish purpose, food enjoyed in the best prime location makes it worthwhile to eat. At Indian Restaurants Al Ain, there are foods that will inspire your taste buds to the highest level of delight and enjoyment and leave you asking for more of the sweet aroma laden meals.

These are usually prepared in tasty, traditional and simple ways to retain as much food value as possible. This renders the food dishes exceptional aroma and appetizing taste. And for that reason alone, many ardent regular dinners keep coming back after their delicious and unforgettable first bite. The attendant service not to mention leaves a deep impression on the wholesome dining experience. Here are some elements of these unforgettable dishes.

Defining and Mouthwatering Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Dishes

Sarson Machi Tikka
Cooked, mixed and gelled well with the abiding taste of mustard oil it is a perfect and nourishing dish.
Bhatti Ka Murgh
This is a well marinated and cooked chicken dish that gives a different taste of chicken tempered with the appeal of natural flavors and spices. It surely remains on your taste buds for a long time.

Palak Ke Shami
An eternal vegetarian delight that is just tasty at any time of the day.

Why the Dishes Always Delight at Al Ain Indian Restaurant

Freshness of Ingredients and Proper Cooking
They are all prepared with freshly harvested and got ingredients that enhance the taste and tempting fare. They are therefore exclusively more tempting and nice to enjoy and savor at any time of the year and season.

Natural Spices Rhyming Well with Flavor  
The proper and exact use of native and well rhyming spices makes the dishes more tasty and aromatic.

Monday, 16 November 2015

The world of Bukhara Restaurant

Al Ain is a city that is marked as one of the finest dining places for its authentic cuisine. The menus of the Indian restaurant in Al Ain include a range of Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are presented in a familiar Indian style.

Welcome to the world of Bukhara to celebrate Indian Food in Al Ain. It is an Indian Family Restaurant with a very huge and planned seating arrangement; that puts you in a relaxed ambiance where you can enjoy your meal. The restaurant is among the best in Al Ain not only in the Indian Restaurant category but also as a whole.

The fragrant curries and Tandoori grilled meals offered at Bukhara are extensions to the menu full of flavors and varieties. The recipes come straight from the diverse cultures of India. It is a traditional mix of the dominant cuisines from the different regions. The gourmet preparations at the restaurant represent delicious treats from the team of chefs. They also served the common freshly baked Indian sweets which are assorted on the display just like in India.

The scenic views of the street and awesome ambiance can make you indulge in the delicious delicacies of the restaurant. The Indian will be thrilled that these people have maintained the same standards as the top restaurants in India. What more? You can have a perfect meal and along with that a beverage and drink to make it even more appetizing. Bukhara, the Indian Restaurant in Al Ain is certainly the best you must visit it when you are in Al Ain.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Attractive Attributes of Indian Food in Al Ain

Indian food is loved the world over for the vibrant taste it renders and a range of cooking spices used to make it work.

Why Food Tastes Great and is Healthy to Enjoy Wholesomely for Entire Family
-There is no addition of highly saturated fat, non digestive colors, additives, preservatives, mono sodium glutamate (MSG) and canned products. This ensures the meals are made with healthy natural ingredients and inputs for pure aromas and food taste. When food is cooked with meticulous preparation the clients will always enjoy their meals with great happiness and comfort.

-Commitment to cooking quality food enjoyed or eaten everyday at home as considerations are given to all the health and nutrition concerns of clients. This is food that has all the nutritious quality and lasting nourishment like the home cooked food as opposed to commercially cooked and tasteless food. The tastes and aromas are always spellbinding to any new client this place.

-Collective recipes from various parts of India that gel and bind well with any diners eating habits or preferred food types. This ensures the retention of nutrition and the safety of the food is never in doubt at any stage.

-Safe, highly hygienic and maintaining the traditional tastes and recipes of good Indian food. This has its own high unique selling proposition (USP) as the food is nit contaminated or compromised by external taste enhancers or magnifiers. 

-Always striving to improve the standards and the safety of food cooked and the environment in which it is served to customers with a high sense of passion. This lifts the essence and reason the restaurant is all about.

For the regular dining people at this restaurant, the moving inspiration is to eat food wholesomely cooked, safe and tastier than most commercially available options.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Locate an Indian Restaurant in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

The happiness that you get when you hunt down an Indian restaurant in a foreign land, far from home. Oh the bliss of eating what you are comfortable in. Indians have made their presence felt in almost every corner of the world and Al Ain is no different. Indian Restaurants in Al Ain are easy to find because a portion of population includes Indian migrants.

The Indian cuisine is famous for its exquisite combination of spices and herbs. These restaurants offer their guests authentic cuisines straight from North India and Hyderabad. The Indian dishes are known for their preparations in the clay ovens, this is what makes them so unique and tasteful. From the sweets to the nankeens every Indian dish is available in these restaurants.

The Indian Restaurants are decorated with interiors that reflect the Indian culture, giving a chance to the foreign tourists to experience a new taste. From the preparation of the food to the set up, everything is Indian. But what is the harm in mixing the Arabic and Indian cultures into creating something so awesome. A little touch of Arabic culture says a lot about how these restaurants have imbibed the other culture so well. 

A little about Al Ain
There is a ton to do in the dessert city of Abu Dhabi. Al Ain is this heritage site which is on the out skirts of the city.  Commonly known as a Garden City, it is a hot favorite among the tourists. The historical importance and infrastructure can be witnessed while taking a walk through this area. It must be added Al Ain on your to do list when visiting Abu Dhabi.