Thursday, 17 December 2015

The mystery behind the delicious Indian food

The Indian restaurant in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi is very famous for the exotic Indian cuisine that is prepared by the expert executive chefs. The combination of the aromatic spices rafts around the restaurant. Bukhara Restaurant is an Indian family restaurant which brings you the combination of authentic Indian dishes presented by the adventurous chefs.

The friendly staff and cooks cater to all the needs of the customers with a diligence for perfection. The hospitality that is provided by them is praise worthy.

What is the secret behind the cuisine?

Curry, Tikka, and Tandoori are most commonly used words when discussed about Indian food. But it is only the preview; the whole story lies in the big fat cookbook. The rich and diverse culture of India has evolved over many years. The invasions of rulers brought in their eating habits with them. The south Indians are fonder of sea food, chicken, pork and beef. Some important ingredients used in the south Indian cuisine are pepper, cumin, cinnamon, cloves and most importantly coconut. In the north Punjabi food dominates. This is where words like Tikka and Tandoori come in use. Dairy products like butter, lassi and desi ghee are the main gist of north Indian food.
One very important thing while cooking Indian food is that you must not mix two ingredients with similar flavors. What this does is overlap each other’s taste.

The warmth
To have a dining experience that you will never forget, visit this Indian restaurant in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. They will be very pleased to have you as guests and treat you the way Indians do in their country. Well you can only know about that when you visit this new and exciting city of Abu Dhabi. The class and Arabic culture of the city will entice you with its charm. If you get a craving for Indian food in Al Ain, then there is Bukhara Indian Restaurant waiting to welcome you with warmth. 

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